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Directorate General of Highways, MOTC
The General Administration of Highways is committed to provincial highway engineering, highway transportation management and highway supervision, simplifying administration and facilitating the people. The business scope is divided into three categories: road engineering, road transportation and road supervision, providing convenient and safe services for the public.

Our History


1 Provide a safe, sustainable and all climate type of raod

2 Adopt "expressway" standards with width of 20.5-23m and design speed of 80km/h

3 Choose tunnels and bridges to reduce space required for construction


1 Analyze complex geology and hydrogeological conditions

2 Finalize the alignment


1 Protect the Environment - Set up monitoring systems/Reuse materials/ Coodinate with the Public

2 Use Innovative Construction Methods - Apply usage of existing facilities/New technologies

3 Enhance Traffic Safety and Management - Implement Intelligent Traffic Systems / Truck Control Systems

4 Depoly an Advanced Emergency Response and Rescue Systems - Safeguard traffic in long tunnels / Mitigate damaging effects of incidents

5 Blend in with the surroundings - Incorporate aesthetics with the culture / Create artificial habitats


1.The “Suhua Highway” is the only main arterial connecting the northern and eastern areas of Taiwan.

2.Much of the road was built alongside steep narrow cliffs because of the extremely rugged terrain.

3.With falling rocks a constant threat after heavy rains, typhoons and earthquakes, the road was closed an average of 28 times a year with some closures lasting up to four days.

4.With an average of 109 serious traffic accidents each year, a safer all-climate road must be provided to users and residents.

5.Besides serving the East Coast residents, the highway is a major conveyance route for transporting mineral resources.